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The Most Sought After Calendars in Business!

Award winning 2025 calendars from South Africa’s leading manufacturer. Our 2025 calendars represent the highest standards in calendar publishing, and we are acknowledged by the industry as a multiple gold medal winner in the annual Sappi printer of the year awards.

The superb content, design and quality of our range accentuates corporate and brand promotions for our customers and delivers a massive 94% recall of name and message. Printmasters supplies an extensive range of different calendar designs, including wildlife, scenery, inspirational and sport. Our ‘custom’ calendar service is capable of devising graphic solutions of the highest standards with your unique theme and design.

Deskpad Calendar Printing
New Arrivals

Do you want your clients to see your brand every day? Of course, you do. A favourite among habitual doodlers and pedantic organisers alike, the desk pad calendar is one of the ways you can place your brand front-and-centre 365 days a year.

Printed on 80gsm bond, with a backing board and plastic sleeves to keep the corners tidy, our standard desk pad calendars come in A2 or A3 size. The same design is printed in full colour on every page, with the dates in black throughout.

The branding panel is substantial and when used to full effect, can convey everything important about your business and its products or services.

Deskpad Calendars:

– Consists of 12 Pages
– Each page displays current month in large view, and 12 month at bottom, small
– Printed on 80gsm White Bond
– Padded at head with 600mic backing board
– 2x Plastic corners at bottom (PVC)
– Calendar Size 594 x 420mm, Overprint area 565 x 80mm

Luxury wall calendars are a wonderful gift for treasured clients.Jetline’s “wiro” wall calendars are printed on an elegant 150gsm coated paper, with a backing board and a hanging wire.

Each page is printed on one side only, and the calendar also has a cover page.

These wire-bound calendars either one-month-per-page (13 pages total) or two-months-per-page (7 pages total) and can be either A2 or A3 in size.

Every page can have a unique design and you’re able to include beautiful product photographs and branding or fill the calendar with inspiring nature shots, art images or thought-provoking quotes –the choice is yours.

Luxury Wall Calendars:

Wall Calendar Printing
New Arrivals

Printing your bespoke wall calendars this year is possible and affordable at Printmasters. Personalised calendars represent great gifts/giveaways to our customers, or an eye-catching decoration! Don’t wait any longer and order your wall calendars at Printmasters. The calender consists of one cover image and 12 pages, one for each month. High quality Wall calendars and Printed in full colour

We are of the best 2025 calendar printing companies in Johannesburg deliver your A1 wall calendars within 3 working days. We print your wall calendars with high good quality, moreover, in terms of calendar printing prices, we are the cheapest calendar printing companies in Johannesburg. This the right time to save your money on your calendar printing South Africa and give you more creative control over your brand. We can customize your full-color calendar materials to suit your brand identity.


This wiro-bound, free-standing desktop calendar is stylish enough to stand on anyone’s desk.

We use a heavier, coated paper for our Flip-Top Tent Calendars, so they have a more luxurious feel. The month-at-a-glance layout leaves enough space for gorgeous graphics or stunning photographs on every page.

As far as corporate gifts go, the Flip-Top Tent Calendar is a popular option, especially when paired with a custom-designed branded gift box.

You are free to customise the entire design to your brand look-and-feel. Whether you prefer to feature a different product every month, or use each page to inspire awe or insight, recipients will never be in any doubt as to who they should be thanking every time they glance at it.

Flip-top Triangle Calendars are an evergreen marketing tool if ever there was one. Whether your company specializes in hospitality, agriculture, retail, accounting, manufacturing, finance, transport, production, telecommunications, insurance, health, engineering, education, or one of the other myriad industries that keep the South African economy ticking over, a desk blotter calendar makes for a great piece of leave-behind marketing collateral.

Flip-top Triangle Calendar Printing Johannesburg – At Printmasters, we take great pride in providing our clients with the best printing rates in the business. Our long-standing relationships with our suppliers and bulk-buying power results in substantial savings on paper, equipment, and consumables that we happily pass on to you. Take advantage of our affordable rates to keep your marketing budget on an even keel in 2023 and beyond.

Luxury Wall Calendars:

A1 Deskpad Calendar Printing
New Arrivals

You can likewise transfer your plan, text, picture, or look over our prepared formats while submitting the request. We acknowledge mass requests and as needs be limits can be advertised. We are among the best printing specialist co-ops of Calendar Printing Johannesburg. Altered table calendars are printed and completed for corporate or individual use. The calenders can have customized pictures or names in various structures or foundations. We plan these calenders utilizing trend setting innovations and gear for the printing reason. These are accessible in the different norm. We, at Diary Printing Johannesburg are the all around liked 2025 calendar Manufacturers and calendar Suppliers in South Africa Providing of Adhesive Sticker, Garment Label, and substantially more.

A1 Deskpad Calendar Printing
New Arrivals

The calendar photograph edge will remind your companions who gifted it to them consistently. A table calendar can likewise be conveyed with an exceptional message from you and the gift wrapping choice is additionally accessible. Exclusively Printed Poster Calendars! Customize the Matte Laminated Poster calendar with extraordinary photographs of you or your friends and family. These are extraordinary presents for your loved ones all consistently. The banner calendar is not difficult to stick on the wall, looks vivid, and are exceptionally. We are among the best printing specialist organizations of 2025 Calendar Printing Johannesburg and calendar printing Pretoria. Modified table calendars are printed and completed for corporate or individual use.

A2 Calendar Printing
New Arrivals

Seeking Buy Customized Calendars for 2024 How about living your wonderful consistently. We offers photograph calendar with an exceptional photograph for every period of the year. There are numerous choices for photograph calendar like a work area calendar or a table calendar and wall calendars. Keep your image on your client’s work area the entire year with our custom calendar. You can likewise gift calendar photograph outline on the wedding of our closest companion with the photographs of their pre-wedding photoshoot. Print calendar through our site will be conveyed at your doorstep or on the other hand assuming you need, we can convey it to your companion straightforwardly. Table calendar and wall calendar, both are accessible at moderate costs beginning at R1.50 per unit 

A3 Calendar Printing
Game play

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Converse with us for your mass calendar printing necessities and we will be glad to help you! Printed Calendars Desktop and 2025 wall calendars printing Johannesburg. Send us your necessities and we will print and convey. Shadings: 4 shading CMYK Sizes: A3 up to Al Rimming: Rimming should be possible in silver or in gold all together qty is 200 corruption Satisfaction Guaranteed! 2025 Calendar Printing Companies In South Africa 2025 wall calendar printing Johannesburg. 2025 calendar printing organizations Johannesburg. 2025 calendar printing South Africa. Work area calendar printing, tent calendar printing, triangle calendars, work area cushions calendars. A3 calendar printing. A2 calendar printing. 2025

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Our photograph calendars offer an astonishing method to share your recollections the entire year offers lovely and eye-getting plans of photograph calendars with full-shading printing. You can without much of a stretch transfer your pictures. compose/adjust the content, or look over our prepared formats. as per your necessity. Photograph Calendars Make Perfect Personalized Gifts! Customized Calendars are an incredible gift thought to share your recollections. From wall calendars to work area calendars, our calendars make the ideal presents for relatives and companions. Simply add your most loved photographs and put them into utilization by making calendar printing costs reasonable. This sort of gift-giving truly blows away all assumptions. furthermore, the subsequent photograph calendar makes certain to be treasured over time ahead. 

Why Use Calendars For Your Marketing?

Calendars are a popular marketing gifts, they enrich business relationships by making a personal connection with your clients. When you give a client a personalised gift, you will be creating a memorable experience with your brand and product. Personalised Diaries are also a cost effective solution, that are always well received.

The popularity of calendars, diaries and notebooks seem to be remarkably impervious to the digital age.
We wandered through a few offices across the different business sectors and found the printed wall calendars, wall planners, deskpad calendars are still a firm favourite in the office environment.

Imagine as you type on your laptop, notifications slide into view to drag you away from your task.
Plus, your favourite social media platform is a few taps away.

Good old fashioned paper will keep you focused – and focus is the key to thinking clearer, and thinking better. When you note down your ideas, thoughts, and emotions, it helps your brain to unload some baggage, giving it room to think about other things. Or better yet, with all that extra space, it could even begin to relax.



Calendars are meaningful and appreciated. They’re not another direct-mailer stuffed in your customers’ mailboxes or a pushy sales call; in fact, they’re products people pay good money for.
When you print calendars to give to your audience, you’re creating gifts they can enjoy.

Everyone uses calendars to keep track of important dates and events; and because calendars are useful, your customers will put them on display. Many will reference them daily, exposing them to your company every day of the year.

A well-designed calendar helps you connect with customers. Your calendars shouldn’t simply showcase your products and services; they should feature attractive images and illustrations depicting shares interests with your customer base that are also relevant to your business.

For example, a mechanic might print calendars that feature hot rods; or, a veterinarian might print calendars featuring cute pets.

Because they’re often referenced daily (and sometimes even more), calendars are exceptional branding tools. Your customers should see your business name and logo every time they look at your calendars, so you’re the first company that comes to mind when they need what you sell.

Not only are calendars exceptional branding tools, they present opportunities for year-round marketing. Think ahead to offer exclusive seasonal sales, coupons, and coupon codes at strategic times throughout the year.

A great calendar design is meant to be shared, and when your customers proudly display your calendars they’ll become conversation pieces. Thus, your calendars will reach your customers plus their peers and colleagues – and word-of-mouth advertising is the best kind.

Consider printing stickers representing birthdays, holidays, and special event dates to go with your calendars. Families can have fun placing the stickers on the appropriate dates, making them interactive pieces that further your branding efforts.

In addition, you can include QR codes that lead to your website, social media pages, or online videos; or even incorporate virtual reality so customers can learn more about your products and services via their smartphones and tablets.

Many companies don’t think about calendar marketing until late November or December, but you can get a head start by issuing calendars early with 18-month calendar printing. You can distribute your calendars in June, and they’ll be good through December of the following year, helping you beat competitors to the punch and ensuring yours are the first calendars adorning your customers’ walls.

A good calendar is the complete package, a presentation that represents your business and your relationships with your customers. High-quality photos and illustrations, plus premium calendar printing, exude professionalism; and that means customers will trust you when it’s time to buy.

You can send calendars to a targeted audience via direct-mail, hand them to customers at your shop, visit your customers with calendars in-hand, and place them in strategic locations such as restaurants, grocery stores, and other public areas (with permission, of course).

If you’re printing a lot of calendars, you might consider partnering with a non-competing company that serves the same audience base. In this manner, you can cut your investment in half yet double your distribution – all you have to do is share half the calendar space with your partner.

Business cards, brochures, magnets, posters, and flyers can all easily be delivered with calendars, increasing the number of marketing materials your customers have on-hand, exposing them to more in-depth information about your company, and influencing more follow-up calls and visits.

By targeting your audiences, you can maximize your calendar return on investment and minimize your investment. Send calendars to a well-defined mailing list, hand them out to only your best customers, and place them in strategic locations your customers frequent.

Do you have special sales days? Participate in community festivals? Host a customer appreciation event? You can print all these on your calendars to draw attention to your own events throughout the year.

Make your calendars more interesting by featuring customer stories and case studies, which also work to establish trust and influence your recipients to call on you when they’re ready to buy.

Help your customers get what they need – before they know they need it. A mechanic might incorporate a winter-readiness automotive checklist, for example, while a veterinarian might add a pet check-up schedule. Such features are useful to customers, and they keep them coming back for more on a regular schedule.

Consider where your target audience is most likely to place their calendars, then print wall calendars or desk calendars – or both!

Calendar magnets make handy reference pieces that can feature sports schedules, school schedules, important local phone numbers, service directories, and more – all viewed each time your customers go to the refrigerator.

The initial investment required to print calendars might seem greater than some other marketing materials, but consider the cost-per-view. Let’s say you print 1,000 wall calendars at a cost of $2,500. If 1,000 people reference your calendar 365 days per year, that’s 365,000 views at a cost of less than one penny per view! Not even digital marketing can compete with that.

Since calendars are so cheap, they deliver outstanding return on investment. All it takes are a few sales to profit from calendar marketing – and if you print a compelling calendar and deliver it to a well-targeted audience, it will yield plenty of sales.